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    Hotel Monastere and its rich history

    30 march 2021

    Hotel Monastère Maastricht is known for its rich history…

    It all starts in the 14th century. Abbey van Hocht owned a refuge house in the city of Maastricht, just like many other monasteries and abbeys in that time. This abbey at the Boschstraat functioned as a hide-out for the residents of Abbey de Hocht in times of danger at the remoted abbey. As years past by, the function of the refuge house moved more into a city residence. In this, the large gateway is a characteristic element that retrospects to that time.

    The building was purchased by Petrus Regout in 1851 after several renovations and modernizations. Petrus Regout grew up in a well-known merchant family in Maastricht, especially known for its glassware and pottery. He renovated the building with Parisian style into an apartment complex for 12 of his best staff members.

    These staff members didn’t inhabit this place for a long time. In 1877 the building was transferred to the ‘Zusters van het arme kind Jezus’. This female congregation strived to help poor and distressed children with a Christian nurture. This brought important impulses for healthcare and education to Maastricht. The ‘Zusters van het arme Kind Jezus’ grew into a success and therefore a chapel was added to the building at the Boschstraat in the 19th century. Moreover, multiple classrooms were built into the building.

    The building was taken over by the ‘Leger des Heils’ after the ‘Zusters van het arme kind Jezus’ left. Drastic renovations were made to the building. Unfortunately, a part of the monumental character of the building got lost over the years. Up until Arjen van den Hof, the owner of Vondel Hotels, started the development of Hotel Monastère Maastricht. He brought back the original elements of the building and renovated the building with his love for art, design and architecture.

    The past plays an important role in the hotel nowadays. The lobby and rooms shows the characteristic elements of the building. But also the used materials plays an important role. For example, the famous Mosa floor tiles, developed by the merchant family Regout, are used. But also the entrance, the big gateway shows small details dating back to the past. Feel free to take a look in the hotel, step in the past and get inspired by the original characteristic elements throughout the hotel.

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